Tempting Temptation Mackenzie Dominants 3

mt-md-temptingtemptation3Rasheed Mackenzie is the youngest of the Mackenzie cousins. Often dubbed as the playful Dom, he longs to find his true love. When he discovers Ebony Stuart is the author of his favorite romance book series, he sets out on a path to win her affection by offering to role play a scene from one of her books. However, he worries that his lack of sophistication, coupled with the fact that Ebony isn’t interested in the BDSM lifestyle, will be a barrier.

Ebony Stuart is a full-figured woman, on the return road to self love. Because she was hurt by a narcissistic man, she sees all handsome men as a potential for disaster…until she meets the extremely attractive Dominant, Rasheed Mackenzie. Ebony finds herself attracted to him— but not his lifestyle. Through his patient pursuit, however, she finds a genuine, caring man and learns what the adage, judging a book by its cover, truly means.

Available for Pre order at Bookstrand now! Release date: January 13th, 2015!

Tempting Temptation Trailer

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