Curiously Curious Mackenzie Dominants 1

mt-curiouslycurious-fullImani Stuart is a thirty-year-old secretary with what she feels is a cushy job. She has the hours she loves, the pay is top notch, and when the days are slow she is content to fantasize about her sexy boss Mac to pass away the time…until she stumbles upon a curious find within his desk drawer, a find that blurs the lines between private longings and untold desires. Jonathan “Mac” Mackenzie is a man that knows what he wants and gets it. At thirty-three, he seems to have it all. When he sets his sights on his hot little secretary, he knows he wants to be more than just her boss. Despite his charm, good looks, and success, one part of his life, a hidden lifestyle, threatens to unhinge the perfect working relationship. Can they each find what they truly desire, or will the journey ruin the friendship they hold dear?

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Curiously Curious Trailer

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