Seductively Seduced Mackenzie Dominants 2


At thirty-one, Jocelyn Grace Mackenzie has everything she wants out of life except a love to call her own. She’s the owner of a very successful fetish club and a full-time practicing Dominatrix. With the impending nuptials of her best friend Imani to her cousin Mac, Jocelyn often finds herself under the scrutiny of her well meaning family—who wonders when she too will settle down. However, finding that special someone is no easy task given her choice of lifestyle, and keeping her well meaning family from prying is a constant battle.

Thirty-five-year-old Ahmad Dupree, a former FBI agent, has returned to St. Louis on a mission to claim the woman he believes saved his life and has filled his every waking moment since. Now the head of his own security firm, Ahmad has kept tabs on his “Roadside Angel” from afar and is no longer content to be a silent bystander. Undaunted by the fact she’s a Domme, he knows that her lifestyle may be the only way to reach out to her, and he’ll do whatever it takes to earn her love.

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Seductively Seduced Trailer

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