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A whole lotta nushin’: Letter 3 for the sexies


Dear Sexies:

I told myself that I’d try to post something, if not meaningful, uplifting and or funny—at least once a month. That’s not putting too much pressure on me.  One of these days I will learn to stop talking to myself. Because now the monthly time frame has rolled around…and I got nothing.

I suppose, in a way, that’s a good thing. Last month saw a bit of personal turmoil. This month saw some peace and less stress rolling in. No complaints. I’m writing. Family is lovely. Emotional and physical health within acceptable parameters. I’ve even been indulging in a bit of old school t.v., namely revisiting Twin Peaks and Star Trek: TNG. It breaks up the monotony so don’t judge me…

If you ask me (and I know you didn’t but I’m going to tell  you anyways…) Twin Peaks should be on Syfy channel right now. I’m almost tempted to start a change.org petition to get a reboot going but that might be going just a tad bit too far. I did say MIGHT. I tend to do whatever I feel like doing so don’t get all surprised IF you happen to see a petition floating about on cyberspace! I know for a fact I’d get at least ONE signature. *sassy*

So for the sake of keeping my word to myself, this is my post for the month. Which actually occurs toward the end of any given month, give or take a day or two. Meh. I enjoy chatting with the sexies at any rate. You can count this letter as a place holder to something more substantial. Maybe. *cheesy grin*

Until next time,

Simply Mimi

Wow really? Self Publishing and how I got more gray hair!

frustrationOk for all the self pubbed vets out there you will probably laugh but man let me tell you that trying to figure out how to upload my story was nothing short of a Who’s on First Adventure! 

My first mistake was not understanding that my story had to be formatted in a specific manner that makes it easier to read on an E reader.  I’m so use to the instant gratification of click and drag that I assumed the prompts would tell me that part. Erm depends on which platform you use is to how easy/difficult the interface is. 

And if you’re Me…none of it comes easy. Not even close. *chuckles* So I spent a horrified sleepless night worrying over the botched job I did uploading my story to Amazon Direct. Then after crying to a friend— who has major street cred in this department— I was able to find the STEP BY STEP instructions AND the previewing app (???) in order to effectively upload, edit and preview the product before it goes live. 

‘Cept there was one small problem. MY STORY WAS ALREADY LIVE!!! @_@ You should have seen me scrambling to revise it. Then all the nifty things your publisher knows how to do, such as formatting, adding “front matter” (title page, dedication and table of contents) I REMEMBERED the second go around! 

Who ever coined live and learn was real genius…

But Meems is no worse for wear. I was able to get my story uploaded and revised, priced correctly and with a snazzy cover I did all by myself! *big girl voice* 

I can say without a doubt that for shorts,  you know those on the bus (or on the toilet) reads you reach for (you know when you need to pass the time…) this is a perfect platform…not that I’m knocking full fledged novels and all that— but I know my behind would not have the patience to try to format a novel for self pubbing!! Uh uh. 

My hat is forever off to those that did, cause ya’ll gotz some crazy-mad, tech savvy, ingenuity! For realz! 😀