On the streets of St. Louis, a war is being fought. Organize crime bosses have carved the city into their own mini kingdoms. Within the cross hairs is the La Grange Family, led by a “white collar thug” that has made a name for himself, DaVeon La Grange.  A wall street golden boy turned criminal master mind, he now has a reason to “go legit” … the love of a wonderful, quirky socialite, Mariah Di Ricci. Theirs is the story of uptown girl meets downtown boy.

Along with DaVeon and Mariah is his brother Marquis, a former athlete, now attorney, working side by side with his brother in “the Family Business” and his one and only Urban Princess, Rileigh Hughes—the one that almost got away.  The struggle to go and remain legit is constant and the La Grange boys’ involvement in organized crime threatens the lives of their family and the women they love.

Within their world meet the cast of many and discover the schemes, set ups, crooked politicians and more, in the war between crime bosses; where family is everything and where love really conquers all.

Fall in love with Gangstah Love….

©2014 Mimi Tulane and Nikki Green All rights reserved

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