#7 A Meeting of the Minds

I headed over to the North side to check on my latest front. I’d acquired a BBQ joint, little hole in the wall place that made the best damn ribs you could ever taste. I’ve known Verdell Brown since high school, we played football together. He knocked up one of the cheerleaders Taymar something or another and ended up working to take care of her and the baby. He was on hard times and the money I kicked him for the use of his place was helping him take care of business. He was trustworthy and I didn’t fuck around with knuckleheads either. I was primarily using his joint to cover some money trails.

However my business there wasn’t about Verdell or the place. I had a meeting with one of the big Dons from on the Hill. They wanted my help on some forged visas. Seems Don Loghetti had some peeps he was trying to get over from the old country in an expedited fashion. My meeting wouldn’t be long and I was glad. I needed to give Mariah a call and check in on her. I still wasn’t happy with how shit went down and the report I got from her tail, her bawlin’ her eyes out on a bank parking lot had me ready to go off again. As soon as my business concluded with Don Loghetti, I was going to get some shit straight on behalf of my female. First with the the bank and Arnold Joffrey, Sr. then with Ford Wilmington. I had some ideas on how to get his ass in line but that was going to take some finesse. With Marquis back and looking into a few things for me above board, that left me free to handle things down and dirty.

Speaking of handling things, I know Ms. Lady wants to handle her own business, her way, hell she said as much, but fuck the dumb shit. I wasn’t about to let her dreams be dashed. I was still reeling over what she had confessed to me concerning her ex and his family. That’s some sick shit. It took me most of the night, first while we were at dinner then later, back at her crib, to put her in the right frame of mind. But once she was there? What a beautiful mind!

She broke down to me how she envisioned that trailer park of hers as a nice little subdivision and her enthusiasm got me on board pronto. Lil’ Mama surprised the hell out of my ass when she told me she owned not only the lot but acres of the surrounding land. No wonder she was holding onto that shit with both fists. She had a gold mine; premium land, in a prime location. What fucked me up even more was her soft heart and her desire to truly help improve the lives of those that were struggling.

There were plans to build casinos and new hotels in that area, something that probably didn’t get past her gramps, Wilmington; being that real estate and gambling was his schtick. It was a given that the property values would be sweet, the area was known for the deep pockets that grazed there. With the right kind of real estate, she could rake it in. Problems solved.

Not my female.

She was determined to put a housing project, let me rephrase, an affordable community, right in the midst of all that money. Why did I call it that? I just got my ass handed to me…she didn’t see it as “the projects” and told my ass off!

“Listen DaVeon, you can live a quality lifestyle on a budget…”

I put a muzzle on my lips. Bottom line, I respect her, her dreams and the fact she genuinely cares for people.

So, when these so call men, Wilmington and Joffrey Sr. pull a bitch ass move reducing my baby girl to tears…nah I ain’t happy bout that shit. Feel me?

I checked my watch and right on time. “Don Loghetti.” I greeted the old Sicilian with a firm shake and we got right to it. “Your man’s message said three work visas, along with supporting documents, ID’s, socials. I assume quick turn around?”

“Yes, Mr. La Grange, like yesterday. There’s been a bit of a problem with the Capelli’s, and these boys are crucial to me solving it.”

He didn’t have to say shit else.

See Don Loghetti, he and I have done business before. He was one of the few Italians I could deal with. I didn’t fuck with most of them but the Sicilian was alright with me. Just as I figured, this was a rush job or he wouldn’t have come to me himself to talk deets.
I signaled for my boy to hand me my briefcase. The movement had the Don’s  boys reaching into their blazers. I pegged the one on the left with a look.

“Brah really?”

The Don turned around and pegged them all with a scowl and instantly his boys froze.

“My apologies Mr. La Grange.”

“None needed Sir.”

I went inside the case and passed him the docs.

“Call it a hunch.”

Loghelli chuckled. “You, I like. You handle business with integrity and respect. Anything you need, ever, you come to me, capice?”

He signaled for his boy to lay down an envelope and he slid it to me. I put it inside my briefcase and handed it back to my boy. No need for counting. I wouldn’t disrespect The Don like that. Some men you knew took care of business and he was one.

“It’s always a pleasure sir.”

Not one for small talk the Don rose, and so did I, we shook and he left.

Once he was gone I turned to my boy Javier. “Put that up then pay a visit to Arnold Joffrey, Sr. I want to know what Wilmington has on him. He don’t sing? You know what to do. I’m gonna make a call to Quis. A change in the ownership of that bank might be in order.”

Ms. Lady could handle her shit her way but I’d back her up MY way.