The Spotlight Shines On Author Sarah Lazowski

For most people with dreams, having them come true can somewhat seem like a life long pursuit. When you are fortunate to have those dreams become your reality, well you can feel like you’re walking on air! Today’s spotlight is on a wonderful and talented Indie Author who has had her dreams become her reality. She has been through the gambit of both indie published and her latest venture Lucian’s Angel is being released with a small press! Here is what she had to say when we last spoke.

Welcome to the Spotlight Sarah!

Would you share a little bit about yourself? Do you have a family and does that include the four legged variety?

I am a mother of two teenage children;  I have a fifteen year old daughter, a thirteen year old son, a boyfriend of fourteen years and we have a fifteen year old zombie cat.  

When did you discover that you wanted to be a writer?

When did I know I wanted to be a writer? That is a tough one to answer. I have always loved to write. I never dreamed of getting anything published. Seeing the words in my head on paper was enough for me. 

When you are not writing what do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my family, friends. My hobbies are running and reading.  I LOVE to read!!

I love reading as well, what are your favorite books/genres?

 I enjoy almost anything paranormal, as well as romance, erotica and historical.

What types of stories do you write about?

Paranormal Romance, Erotica and Dark Fantasy.

Do you have any books written?  What projects are you currently working on?

Yes, I have one book written and published, Jaded Nightmares and I have another book that is almost done.  What am I working on? *chuckles* Let me grab my list to answer this. Crazy Dreams ~Short stories of visions, dreams and nightmares, this will be a continuation of Jaded Nightmares. Isis & Cathal ~Gods and Goddesses Reborn, this will be a series of books that will come out next year sometime. Freedom Weekend ~Short erotica stories that I never thought would be seen by anyone other than myself. I am also working on the next book in the Angels of Purgatory series.

Wow you are keeping super busy!

What is your creative process? Describe how you prepare to write.

I actually do not prepare to write. Well the muse starts screaming in my ear I end up scrambling for something to write with and write on. Now editing on the other hand, I have to have complete silence, plenty of coffee and the house has to smell good. (i.e. vanilla or coffee candle burning)

Do you have any causes you are passionate about?

Yes, I am passionate about getting the word out about Cervical Cancer. I love to run races, which support a good cause and  I am also very passionate about equality for all.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

Yes, Lucian’s Angel it is the first book in the Angels of Purgatory series.

Any good news you’d like to share?

Yes!  I Just days before Lucian’s Angel was to be released by me as an indie author, I signed with a micro-publisher!!

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Thank you again for stopping by Sarah, and a heartfelt congrats on your book Lucian’s Angel. I wish you much success on all your future endeavors!


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