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A Letter to the Sexies, Randomly Rambling Edition


     Hey there sexies, (Yawns, craving a cup of coffee)

     How’s your reading life? Any good TV choices? I’ve had plenty of both and I’m not getting a darn thing done. Well actually, I keep a thumb drive of ideas and story “starters” that might be something I want to explore at a later date (that I’d misplaced mind you) and came across it the other day. So, I perused. I had a few good ones and a few WTF was I thinking. At any rate, I dusted off a couple and began to add more content to them, so I suppose you could say, only if you wanted, that I’m writing. We’ll see how that goes, if I manage to finish something before the end of the year. 🙂

Kicking off my ramble, Daylight Savings Time. WTF? I mean seriously, what is the big deal? I lived in Arizona for three years and they do not fiddle with the frickin’ clocks and life went on. Why can’t it be 5:00 p.m. all over the U.S. at the same damn time? Sun will still rise and set at regular intervals. It sure would make remembering what time The Haves and Have Nots (insert your addiction here…shout out to Tyler Perry) is on! Meh, but I’m probably one of the few people who wonders why we still have, in this modern age, an electoral college. We have A.I and all sorts of iPhones, etc, drones that drop off veggies and porn to your doorstep, but we still can’t count each vote, a simple, one per person kinda thing—really? Whatevs.

And since I’ve gone political, I wish the frickin’ ads for the political candidates actually told me what the hell they want to do, why they want to do it and just leave it at that. I go to the polls scratching my head and that is not how I want to choose people! I’ve never been chosen for a job that I’ve applied for by clowning on the other applicants, ever…so why should people who will be in charge of all manner of governmental p biz, get to have jobs by doing the same? Again, Whatevs.

Rambling on…

Leaves. I’m already over them, man. The hubby and I chose a fairly nice day last week or so to clean up all the mess from our trees and before the day was out, didn’t look like we had done a damn thang. (eyes rolling) Then somewhere between then and TODAY, all my damn trees decided to strip and get bucky naked and I ain’t feelin’ it! I’m telling myself that I’ll get to it when it decides to stop raining. I am not the one to be raking wet ass leaves…However, in preparation I head to the store to grab some more lawn and leaf bags and guess what? DON’T NOBODY HAVE ANY! (breast heaving in (mock) outrage) Plenty of toys and Christmas decor in the garden section tho’…

And before some random ass person jumps my ish, I am not anti Christmas. I am where the feck are the lawn bags, cause I gots me some serious yard work to do before Muskegon decides to spit snow. End of Story. So run and tell the PC police, the alt Right, the Leaning Left or your mama, that yes, I will say what I want, how I want and you’ll laugh with me! (Mhmm, I see you shakin’ your head)

Well at least I hope you are smiling, laughing or finding some joy from something. I know the days can be tense, with no end to the shenanigans in site. Yet even in the midst of it all, you have to laugh. Hug someone. Smile. None of that cost money. And it generally begets the same. Another smile, more laughter, bigger hugs.

This concludes my Random Rambling for today. Go Vote. Tuesday, November 6. Then come home and grab a hoagie, or smoothie or a box of chillable red or whatevs, and remember to keep smiling, laughing and loving.

Until next letter,





A whole lotta nushin’: Letter 3 for the sexies


Dear Sexies:

I told myself that I’d try to post something, if not meaningful, uplifting and or funny—at least once a month. That’s not putting too much pressure on me.  One of these days I will learn to stop talking to myself. Because now the monthly time frame has rolled around…and I got nothing.

I suppose, in a way, that’s a good thing. Last month saw a bit of personal turmoil. This month saw some peace and less stress rolling in. No complaints. I’m writing. Family is lovely. Emotional and physical health within acceptable parameters. I’ve even been indulging in a bit of old school t.v., namely revisiting Twin Peaks and Star Trek: TNG. It breaks up the monotony so don’t judge me…

If you ask me (and I know you didn’t but I’m going to tell  you anyways…) Twin Peaks should be on Syfy channel right now. I’m almost tempted to start a petition to get a reboot going but that might be going just a tad bit too far. I did say MIGHT. I tend to do whatever I feel like doing so don’t get all surprised IF you happen to see a petition floating about on cyberspace! I know for a fact I’d get at least ONE signature. *sassy*

So for the sake of keeping my word to myself, this is my post for the month. Which actually occurs toward the end of any given month, give or take a day or two. Meh. I enjoy chatting with the sexies at any rate. You can count this letter as a place holder to something more substantial. Maybe. *cheesy grin*

Until next time,

Simply Mimi

Don’t be a afraid to scrap it!

1857waste_paper_basketDear Sexies:  

The problem with telling anyone what you are working on is that when you are ME, and like to change your mind often or are your own worse critic, you are prone to starting over. In this particular case I have scrapped three potential works in progress because, well, I don’t like em! *blinks* 

You heard it from Mimi first, I hated what I had already written. Oh and no, I wasn’t a thousand words into it or even ten at this stage, I’m talking close to thirty thousand hard fought words per EACH PROJECT that are now sitting in a file entitled: Meh maybe.  Round that to 90,000 words and I had a novel written already. Ah the joys of being Mimi…

I’m not a fast writer so you can equate this as lost man hours. Hours that are very hard to come by, let me toss that tidbit in there for yah. I’m a wife and mother, with one of my children a child that has special needs, so when I get the home front primed so I can sit down and do my thang—to scrap these works is somewhat heart rending.

However it’s not the end of the world. Just maybe the world I was trying to build but hey…

I figured if I don’t love the world I’m trying to write about, or cannot connect to the characters and breathe that breath of life into them that makes others care, then what’s the point? 

Three attempts at one theme and getting no place very fast was enough wasted head space, effort and time. Now that those attempts are gone—I never really say gone—I usually recycle and dissect and reanimate characters (hmmm maybe I do need to write a zombie story) well now that I’ve set those attempts to the side, it’s left me with re-planning and rethinking what I want to convey within the theme I have in mind. Is it a series or is it a stand alone book? What type of setting and what can I do without? Do I even want to try this yet again? 

To answer that last question, I have a few things to sort out and I am still determined *cue party horns and confetti* to keep working on my premise.

Mackenzie Dominants Three is looking very promising and the words are flowing in that regard so yay me,  goal one of two seems to be on track.  However it never fails that the minute I update you on my progress well you know what happens, I get stalled.  *lips pursed* Still it’s happening, so no shortage of ideas in that world! 😛  

Well this check in was just a chat and drop by for now. Sooner or later I’ll have some really good goods for you. 

Until next letter, 



Wow really? Self Publishing and how I got more gray hair!

frustrationOk for all the self pubbed vets out there you will probably laugh but man let me tell you that trying to figure out how to upload my story was nothing short of a Who’s on First Adventure! 

My first mistake was not understanding that my story had to be formatted in a specific manner that makes it easier to read on an E reader.  I’m so use to the instant gratification of click and drag that I assumed the prompts would tell me that part. Erm depends on which platform you use is to how easy/difficult the interface is. 

And if you’re Me…none of it comes easy. Not even close. *chuckles* So I spent a horrified sleepless night worrying over the botched job I did uploading my story to Amazon Direct. Then after crying to a friend— who has major street cred in this department— I was able to find the STEP BY STEP instructions AND the previewing app (???) in order to effectively upload, edit and preview the product before it goes live. 

‘Cept there was one small problem. MY STORY WAS ALREADY LIVE!!! @_@ You should have seen me scrambling to revise it. Then all the nifty things your publisher knows how to do, such as formatting, adding “front matter” (title page, dedication and table of contents) I REMEMBERED the second go around! 

Who ever coined live and learn was real genius…

But Meems is no worse for wear. I was able to get my story uploaded and revised, priced correctly and with a snazzy cover I did all by myself! *big girl voice* 

I can say without a doubt that for shorts,  you know those on the bus (or on the toilet) reads you reach for (you know when you need to pass the time…) this is a perfect platform…not that I’m knocking full fledged novels and all that— but I know my behind would not have the patience to try to format a novel for self pubbing!! Uh uh. 

My hat is forever off to those that did, cause ya’ll gotz some crazy-mad, tech savvy, ingenuity! For realz! 😀

Learning to ignore distractions is an art form!

I’ve had a day. Less than four hours of sleep and what I like to call random hot mess abounding, has kept me in a tizzy all day. I think I managed to still accomplish a few things despite it all. I certainly managed to avoid “catching a case”! *glares then smiles* Some of my peeps can identify with me on that tip.

At any rate I learned a few more basic programming skills and did some additions to my blog. Who ever invented widgets bless you. Click and drag I can get with. I’m not too shabby with cut and paste html…so long as I don’t have to code it! *sassy neck roll* I can even “tweak” layouts with rookie adjustments to the style sheet.

It was actually rather therapeutic given the snit I was in a few hours earlier. I would have rather added more to my WIP but be that as it may, I managed to close off the b.s. and woosah out the stress. So for that I’m happy. I spent a few hours looking at some tutorials and teaching myself what I wanted to know. Self help instructional guides are a God send in my book. There is literally a wealth of information out there in one form or another: videos, blogs, instruction manuals etc.

Tapping into knowledge is sexy folks!

P.S And I happen to think Geeks are pretty hot hot too! *winks*

Playing around with the blog…AGAIN!

In the vein of being totally random, today I purchased my domain name. I suppose nothing really has changed. If you type in the former blog address it will still point you here. I guess there is just something in seeing your name with dot com behind it! One of those shinny objects moment. Most of my friends can tell you I have those often…

I’m going to try to play around with the layout in the next few days. Make it fancy

Honestly I want something reflected in the layout that speaks to my quirky, bohemian self. And that will make visitors drop by. If only to say, “What the what is that girl doing?”. Yeah that’s Mimi for ya. Doing what she does best which is whatever strikes her fancy (there’s that word again). Maybe I’ll get up with a couple of my tech savvy friends and see how I can translate my ideas into a sexy, quirky and vivacious layout! Or do what I have been and just grab a freebie! 😛


~ Mimi ~

Ho Ho Ho Who Wouldn’t Go: Why I was insane to hit the stores on Christmas Eve

I must have fell and bump my head. On a good day in Phoenix the malls and various stores are crowded and full of wild cart driving, deranged shoppers. I had to go out tonight and try to do some last minute shopping. On top of using “the force” to navigate the blocked isles, I had to sort through the mounds of ransacked, left over items with the hopes of finding what I wanted. No such luck but did I mention I dream big?

All in all I survived the excursion then returned home in time to do the prep work on Christmas dinner. And I managed to get most of it done before having cocktails. Because anyone that knows me, understands nothing is getting done once my cocktail glass is in my hand.

Merry Christmas! ~ Mimi

Not so technical: Random post #1 How Mimi decided to set up a blog

I wish I was more tech savvy. In this day in age you need to have more technical know how. The click and drag, pre cut offerings of most websites make me lazy! I haven’t the slightest clue on what is the difference between html, css, rsvp….

I’ve swapped out back grounds, played around with fonts and basically have given myself a headache already while attempting to set up this blog! 
So what became my first post after I figured out the difference between a static front page and post page? This. And now that I see the back ground image I have chosen…I don’t like it. So that means it’s back to the drawing board. Again. Oh well.