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Don’t Quit Your Daydreams

The funny thing about starting a new pursuit in life, is where to begin. You know you can’t go back. You feel awkward in the place you are standing. Yet still, you have no clear indication of where you are heading…you just know that you are heading somewhere, someplace; new. I read a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that in nutshell says, “Whatever you do you need courage…” There is more to the quote but bottom line: nothing gets done without courage and you taking your first step.

The journey of life isn’t just about the destination but more about the motion, the movement, and no journey begins by standing still.

Of course we can let others paralyze us with fears, imagined or perceived. We can allow their critical eyes to cast doubts on our own convictions. I have found that when other people tell you why you should not make waves, tell you how to follow your heart, condemn your desire to follow your dreams, it’s not because they are worried about the mistakes you’ll make. Everybody makes mistakes. They are actually voicing their own fears, misgivings and regrets for not doing the same; taking action, following their own dreams or convictions, or remaining in a place or place in their life, that they know they’ve outgrown or were never welcomed, in the first place.

For whatever reason, they found themselves in a rut; a comfortable, predictable rut and stayed there, and how dare you find the will, the courage to chase your dreams!  You can empathize, really. Maybe they wanted to be a ballerina but let someone tell them they didn’t have the body type for it. Maybe they wanted to start a business, but let someone tell them they didn’t have the education for it. Whatever happened to discourage their own attempt, they got caught off guard by the questioning of the individual or individuals that lacked the courage to do their own thing, and allowed those voices to dim the hope they nurtured for themselves. They might have got caught slipping, but you nor I have to.

Even with all that background noise, it’s never too late to start over, start fresh, turn a page or turn a corner. If the thought of chasing your dreams feels uncomfortable then good; at least it feels. It means you are not numb. Living a life without feelings isn’t living. Emotions can be a great motivator or dictator, whichever you give in to. It is okay to feel something: anger, sadness, anxiety, hope, love, understanding, compassion and yes, sometimes, fear. However, out of all the things you may find yourself feeling, the one emotion to look out for, the one feeling to stand up against, is hopelessness.

Once you start down a road that leads to hopelessness, then fear and doubt will want to tag along and those two will feed off of you until it becomes an incessant, consuming hunger. So how do you combat hopelessness in the midst of your journey?

If you have a passion in life, do it. If you don’t know where to begin, start with a book about the subject. Ask others that are following their passion. Strive for it. Don’t give up. Your critics will always have something to say, but it’s not what they say, it’s what they do. And if all they are doing is trying to discourage you from following your own path? They aint doing shit…just full of it.  Actions have and always will speak louder than words and will always say more about the person or people you surround yourself with.

So, put away anything that does not nourish your soul, or your dreams. Surround yourself with positive inspiration and positive people. You will find that you can be your own worse critic so why be bothered with any other critical assed folks? Instead,  feed your heart and mind with creativity…and whatever you do: don’t quit your daydreams.

Believe it or not…I’m still here: First letter to the Sexies January 2018



Hello out there!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Belated New Year! A lot has transpired in my life that has been life driven so writing had been placed on a shelf temporarily. My family has experienced the gamut of life: New births, deaths, relocating, new jobs, new home…and through it all, I kept telling myself I will get back to it! I keep ideas on tap for new stories, and I plug away—just not consistently—here and there on established works in progress. I’ve finally gotten a hold of my time management; with that, comes a few changes. I have two blogs that are now going to be condensed into one. I’ll actually be working on moving the content from there, to here, today. Although not a resolution in the New Year’s traditional sense, I have resolved to be fiscally responsible this year. So paying for but not using a blog isn’t a justifiable expense! I can easily post the stories I have on that blog here as well, with a few creative layout changes and blog upgrades!

Speaking of blogging, it’s my hope to post regularly on my blog if only to stay present.

So far, no new books in the Mackenzie Dominants Series since book three, but there are more stories to be told for that world. Your continued patience is everything to me. I accept that I need to put more umpf in the getting material done arena! I am also still desiring to write a paranormal story/series and have a few outlines in my idea pile to peruse. Who knows: 2018 might be the year for those!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I’ll catcha later!



My Word When Was The Last Time I posted a blog?

Hello Sexies!

I know, it’s been a while. Last blog post was September 2015? Crazy! Then again, it’s Mimi, crazy is as crazy does! I haven’t been idle. I haven’t been as productive as I had hoped either. I tore up (and by tore up, I mean, deleted this is the digital age…) my book four for the Mackenzie Dominants. I hated it. I went and got some advice on the direction then began anew. MAYBE I’ll get it finished this year!

I am not a fast writer!

Don’t get me wrong ideas are always on and poppin’ in this cranium. Yet balancing my responsibilities, my writing, my mental health, my physical health, my relationships, my Mimi time…one of these days, I’ll have that AHA! moment. I aint had it yet tho’… 😀

Now during this lull in my writing I’ve gotten a few other dreams realized. Hubby and I bought a mobile home. We got us an extended single wide in a stellar community in Norton Shores, Michigan. I absolutely love it. Our journey to home ownership wasn’t a quick nor easy one but we finally made it! We are loving the new digs, especially for our son. We can now get him out of the house more (perfect sized yard) and into the fresh air. My son is autistic and prefers solitary activities that don’t involve many social situations. It’s a thrill to see him go outside and explore his surroundings. He loves having a larger room, and his own bathroom! I think we all like having an extra bathroom! No more knocks on the door or setting the timer for the allotted shower times!

Of course there are all the things that come with home ownership versus renting like mowing your own yard. We had to buy a lawnmower! 😀 Of course the fun part is the yard wars. Man I have some neighbors that go beyond the Pink Flamingo thang! I’ve pitched my hat into the ring right along with them. I’ve started small, just a few hanging plants and solar lights, but I have plans… yeah you should be afraid!

So life is happening in between the stories. I am still role playing, collaborating with friends on some stories that we have in various online spots. When time permits Nikki Green and I add to the Gangstah Love Blog, and as always I keep outlining and plugging away on Mackenzie Dominants and my indie projects.

In short life is being kind to me. Until next time Sexies, enjoy your journey. Take time out to pursue your dreams, love your love ones while they are still with you, and don’t forget to love yourself.







And The Journey Continues

1laptop2_smallI’ve come to realize that making choices that might affect others isn’t always an easy thing. Especially if it’s not a popular decision. When you set out to accomplish a dream or goal, hard choices will come into play. You may lose a few folks along the way, bruise your knees when you stumble but ultimately, there has to be a determining factor that propels you forward. That makes you get up, dust off and start the journey all over again.

Part of that process is knowing your own limitations. Being able to admit that your plate is full and refuse the second or third helpings. Sometimes you even have to pass on the dessert. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the cook’s cuisine, but knowing when to say I’ve had enough, I’m full or no thank you can sometimes take finesse. Even so there are bound to be a few offended chefs.

First rule of hard decisions is accepting you cannot and will not please everybody. That will derail your determination before you even leave the station.

I use these analogies to say that what you (or I) may value and place the highest priority on isn’t necessarily placed in the highest regard for others. And when you have to say no, take a step back, lighten your load, it isn’t always understood but it’s still a necessary, next step in the going forward process; unequivocally so when you have allowed all the extras to get you off track in the first place! It’s not enough to step on the scale of life and see the extra pounds and and do nothing but complain about it!  You (I) have to be willing to do the extra work to shed the weights (or cares of this world) to get back into form. If that means less television, less partying, even less hours on a job to pursue your dreams, it takes the courage to know when to say when. To decline invitations when you have an outline to work on. To pass on starting that new fall television show to work on your writing. To even let go of distractions and even those pastimes that you enjoy, to refocus on what made you want to write in the first the place.

Despite it all, hard choices are not impossible ones. Difficult to make at times but you can do it. Unpopular decisions may make you feel rotten but they are not unbearable. When you think of the outcome, of the rewards of being diligent, you can survive being unpopular. You either make the choice to work for your dreams or you sit back and live with the regrets of not trying.

When that journey becomes a solitary one, remind yourself that you signed up for it. Call to remembrance the joy the journey brought you. Understand that your dreams are non negotiable. Give yourself permission to accomplish your goals.



First Letter to the Sexies of the New Year

1laptop2_smallDearest Sexies:

Happy New Year!

My hopes for you is that the new year has greeted you kindly! As for me, my latest book in the Mackenzie Dominants Series, Tempting Temptation is due for release January 13th, 2015 on I am very excited about that. Many changes have happened, none that I would bore you with; some good, some sad, all a part of the journey we call life. I’m grateful to see another new year!

I’ve migrated over to Google Plus so if you happen to be that way add me to your circles! I am still on Facebook and Twitter respectively. I have a few self projects in the works but mostly I am allowing the batteries to recharge. Of course I am getting in a little bit of reading here and there and still roleplaying {collaborating with friends} in my online writing group as time permits.

All in all the year 2014 ended and the new one has begun. I wouldn’t take anything for my journey thus far!



Rolling with the Punches

boxing-glovesThe hump day push through is here. After a rainy start to the week, literally and figuratively, I got myself up and at ’em. It’s been a rainy couple of weeks for my household. We lost a beloved pet to illness. During that heartbreaking time a long standing friendship came to an end. I was on an emotional roller coaster for a time.

Yet I was always told that in order to receive something new you have to let go of the old. Whether that is old habits, old ways of thinking, old draining relationships, whatever that old stuff is, it’s in the way. If your hands are full there is no room to pick up anything else anyways. So in the spirit of moving forward, I started mapping out my next course of action; key word—action.

Stress can paralyze you into inactivity if it takes root. It will drain your energy and stifle your creativity. So I encourage you to get in some self time when you can. Even ten minutes alone in a quiet space can be rejuvenating. Life throws enough punches so learning how to roll with them, aka, cope with your stress, problems and dilemmas (in a POSITIVE WAY) can keep you moving forward towards your goals and dreams.

It’s even more crucial if you suffer from any anxiety disorders or mental illness. I can say that because I am manic depressive (Bi-polar) and still learning how to deal with my own triggers. So rolling with the punches is a daily walk for me! 🙂

Above all, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, taking care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually will allow you to care for those around you. It doesn’t hurt to have a compassionate heart either. I had someone tell me that they were no longer going to commiserate with me. It would take compassion first and foremost to have the ability to commiserate with anyone, so when a person is lacking in compassion, they probably can’t feel what anyone—outside of themselves—feels or understands anyway. The human condition encompasses a myriad of misery all by itself and who wants to extol the virtues of past hurts, old wounds and sufferings of any sort?

Let me share a word of caution: Living among the weeds of past hurts, wrongs and misdeeds will choke out the bright future you have ahead of yourself. You can uproot yourself and move a million miles away but if the weeds are growing on the inside, you will still find yourself an overrun garden, stunted and not growing! You have to pluck the weeds out of your heart first—just my thoughts for what it’s worth.

I’d like to think that encouraging another out of compassion would help not only the person who is down but also the person doing the encouraging. I say that to say when I find myself in a downward spiral what helps me is to help others. In whatever way I can; a kind word, a card, a prayer, listening to them when they need to vent. It’s not always the big things that make a person’s day. A hug is a miracle we can all share. So is a smile.

So if life is trying to go 12 rounds with you, try to roll with the punches. Heck bob and weave! Problems rarely remain and what was a mountain one day can be a mole hill the next. Life lessons are learned with each blow. Where you once stood still and absorbed the hit,s as you mature, you learn how to duck them, and get in a few good shots of your own! You learn how to develop some fancy footwork and keep moving. And when that bell rings, in the end, the technical merits will add up and life will have to declare you the winner!


Just…wow, can I please get off the merry-go-round?

merry-go-round-hiDear Sexies:

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so floundering. Ever just have brain overload? Yup that was the situation this chick found herself in. Just like this merry-go-round, I was going in circles. Re reading passages I’d written, changing them, erasing them, hitting back and undo more times than I cared to count. And got nowhere fast.

What is surprising is not the lack of ideas for the stories I want to write, but the lack of execution. Something happens between the images I see in my mind and the translation of said images into words. Took me two weeks to decide that the titles I laid out for a WIP series were all wrong. Now those titles belong to something else. It took me two weeks to sketch out a rough semblance of a scene for book three in my Mackenzie Dominants series. Only to decide, I don’t like it.

I am my own worse critic, and trust me when I say this if Mimi don’t like what she writes, you won’t either. Of course my round the bend experience puts me even further behind my self imposed deadline. I set these deadlines/goals to keep me focused and on track. Then I invariably get off track and so begins my merry-go-round experience(s). The process by which I come up with my work isn’t glamorous or cool. I doubt it will make for any entertaining anecdote to recount at a book convention either. If I can say anything remotely wise, I would have to say it’s by process that we grow, stretch and reach past our limits. We get beyond self and fear and say, “I got this.” And then we just go and do the damn thang.

I would much prefer to keep the angst on the pages of my books; and I use to love merry-go-rounds too. However I hopped off that bitch two days ago. Mimi don’t have time to ride the horsies. She has books that need to be finished!

Until next letter,

Simply Mimi

Still Planning Still Dreaming: A letter to the Sexies


Dear Sexies:

It never gets old for me. Maybe because I’m still in dream mode. The second book in the Mackenzie Dominants series is out; my sister, bless her, made me the sexiest video trailer ever! I am one happy girl!

However it doesn’t stop. Maybe for a moment, to catch my breath, go to school functions and attend to all that comes with being a wife and mother. But the planning and dreaming is an ongoing process. Book three is rattling around in my head. Ideas for another series keep popping up. I am doing my best to sort them all. I let go of some of the worries I had during the first book only to pick up a few others during the writing of the second one. Hey I am a perpetual worry wort so there isn’t anything anyone can do about that except me!

I have plans to self pub another short story, which has its own share of mild headaches. All in all it’s a learning process. I submitted Seductively Seduced for reviews and as soon as I know something, the reviews will be posted. I’m hoping with all my might I have grown some. I can only get better with practice right? Granted, I could get worse but I ain’t claiming that! 😛

All in all the new year has brought me new possibilities, more hopes and dreams. My imagination is my only limitation in terms of the creative progress. Never fear, sexy ones I have a very vivid imagination! I never make resolutions with the new year because invariably I break them but I do have goals in mind for 2014. Those goals are keeping me focused. I’m not biting off more than I can handle. I’m not rushing or racing against a self imposed clock either. That’s part of the worry I let go of and I am determined to keep that worry at bay.

I’ve also decided that I’ll draft “letters” to you, the “sexies” that read my post. Whether you were invited by a link I shared, or just stumbled upon this blog and went hmmm…my post will be written with love to you. Without you who read, get curious, troll about and yes reply…I’d be just another person dreaming at home. Instead I draw inspiration, accountability and pure joy from you. It’s the best rush.

All in all, I wouldn’t take anything for my journey. Who knows where the road will take me next. Only time will tell that story.  Until next letter…



Commentary: World Observations and Race

10723466-happy-hands-vector-designI don’t generally weigh in on touchy subjects such as race unless the subject moves me to the point of knowing that I need to speak out. Trayvon Martin, yeah I had something to say, so I said it. For as many people that believe OJ got away with it, I’ll forever believe that true of Zimmerman. Who is still showing his ass out in the news FYI.  What I have to say now isn’t anything magnanimous or prolific. Among most black folks we’ve known this “truth to be self evident” for quite some time. It’s something that happens even within our own culture for reasons that often date back to slavery. Prejudice based on skin tone is nothing new.

Now what has grabbed my attention was the big hoopla about the little tow headed girl found among the gypsies in Greece. You have all these folks mounting a huge posse ridden investigation, going all the way down to the marrow of the child to DISPROVE she didn’t belong the couple that said she was theirs. Based on what she looked like. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Yes I am about to take you there so buckle up.

As it turned out after all the rigmarole was that a Bulgarian gypsy mother gave her to this couple. She and husband have several children, living in less than admirable conditions and simply stated she knew she couldn’t take care of the child adequately. She also stated she didn’t sell the child, no money was taken she was freely given. Now see that is a mother’s love. Not a gypsy love just a mother that would rather her baby eat and live than suffer. The article I read from Yahoo news said the woman didn’t have running water…

What amazes me most about all of this is not the biological mother’s capacity to give up her child but the fact that had the baby had darker features as some gypsies do, I don’t think they’d have question the validity of the adoptive parents. They put that child’s prints in several databases and nothing came back. Why? Child wasn’t missing. The adoptive parents simply stated she’s ours. And they had been caring for her. No abuse, no bruises bumps or cuts. She didn’t look unhappy on her photo; you know those pictures of the haunted big eyed orphan kids. Yet their word was in question because they had a tow head child in their midst…and the fact that you can’t trust a gypsy. I said that with as much sarcasm as I hoped would “drip” off of this page.  Prejudice and disbelief was the simple and underlying motivation to spend more money on disproving this kid wasn’t theirs than is spent on LOCATING THE MISSING CHILDREN THAT ARE OUT THERE.

Now I have cute little side bar here—Hmm, let’s see, there are some black children with blonde hair and blue eyes and I wonder how many of their parents had their parentage questioned by the authorities? My step daughter is one such child. Her mama has dark DARK skin, her father is bi racial so the DNA remix popped up. It’s not uncommon in black families to have rainbow children. In my own family, my parents were both fairer hued (Dad was lighter, mom was called Red…) but my sibling and I range in coloring somewhere in between. My children are also “assorted chocolate” and I don’t think anybody ever questioned if my kids belonged to me. For their sake they better had not…*eyes narrowing into slits to reiterate that statement*

I believe (and I can do that) a major concern some whites have (not all and not any that I know and I know quite a few…) when they run across non whites with white features (ESPECIALLY among blacks mind you) is if said person is trying to “pass”. As if being white somehow affords you a better standing and status in this world. Or is it that somehow if a few non whites get to walk that side of the line they somehow expose the “true whites” to some sort of ethnic pollution? Or maybe it’s all a trick of the Illuminati…But wait we’ve had that done — black folks passing!!! *horrified look then sobering* Well it’s too bad because none have ever come back to let me know the 411. So whether there is some validity to that could be and I’m just saying could be justified by the fear from the white establishment concerning such a thing happening and the blacks (and other minorities— passing is not limited to blacks) feeling desperate enough to do it from a misguided sense of belief in said supposed view. Now things do become a bit tricky, a bit dicey even (Snagglepuss) because “DANA” aka DNA “gone run and tell that” (Antoine Dodson) and she wins out every time. Eventually a darker skinned child is going to pop up… somewhere. @_@ (whaaat???)

It’s also not lost on me that in all my readings and in the few instances that I have met gypsies, that according to them, they are a despised group of people. They get their fair share of discrimination be it a caste thing, economic and social thing or just plain ole’ racist bull crap— you say the word Gypsy and you get a reaction. Most of the time negative.

Now I’ll be watching to see if they return the little girl. The parents as I understand it were detained solely because of their race and the fact the child looked white. They now know she wasn’t abducted and does not belong to anyone missing a white child so now what?

[[[(Side bar shame it needs to be said but I’ma say it.) Now if you know something more that can refute my statements please enlighten me.  And when I say enlighten me what I mean is that this is not an open door for ANYONE TO STEP IN MY YARD AND SPOUT RACIST BABBLING(S). I want documented sources, not your opinions or conjectures. Again I am speaking directly to the racist folks that are bound to put their two cents into my skeet and why I am saying HELL TO THE NAW (Shout to my girl Whitney H R.I.P) You can just get tah steppin’! The simple fact of the matter is: THIS IS MY COMMENTARY AND MY BLOG. IF THAT’S YO’ THANG, YOU CAN DO WHAT  YOU WANNA’ DO ON YOUR BLOG PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Now for the rest of the folks that want to weigh in by all means, please do. But do save the drama for your mama. Adults need to learn how to say what they have to say without bringing their issues into the mix. I’m not going to debate your feelings or mine. Just so you know. But I will say thank you and give you a smiley face! 😀 <— like that one for commenting.]]]

Any who, where was I — I had a shinny objects moment there, oh yes, the parents as I understand it have not committed a crime. I’d say they were exonerated of any wrong doing by the statement issued from the biological mother. Again,  I’ll be watching to see if they return this baby to her PARENTS; the ones that have sheltered her and fed her all this time. She wasn’t in the system awaiting a family. She had one. Now she’s being held in an undisclosed location…really?

I’ll also be watching to see what lengths they go to this time. It’s a sad day indeed for the human race, when you aren’t deemed good enough to have a child that looks differently than yourselves for underlying racist drivel. With all these hungry unclaimed babies in this world that would need a good home gypsy or otherwise, you’d think they would have applauded the tenacity that these people showed.

The Greek authorities called it a crackdown. Somehow that didn’t remind me of a crackdown it just reminded me of ethnic disparity and dare I say reminiscent of what started wars over ethnic cleansing. See those wars began too with the idea that one race trumped another— some features where better than others—like the color of someone’s skin…(And it’s not indicative of just whites go check out Spike Lee’s School Daze an oldie but still a goody and is still prevalent even in this current age.) 

When will we ever learn to celebrate what is unique about the races and to expound upon the similarities of the human race?  I can only live for that day.

(My info was cited based on this article:–abc-news-topstories.html)

So what’s next?

I did it. I typed those two words that every writer does…eventually. The End. Another work in progress is finished. Of course I checked it off my ever growing list. I even told myself to breathe, take a few days to regroup yada, yada. It’s not gonna’ happen. Why? Because the brain pan is full of mischief. 
As it was I was working on two things at once, which I am going to try not to do again. No promises though. I think at times I have more than enough ideas but an idea for a story and writing the damn thang are two different animals in my zoo. They just are. *sighs* 
And yes I am still green enough, new enough and insecure enough to be on pins and needles as I await word from the publisher. I don’t have enough arrogance yet to be able to believe they’ll pick it up. It’s my hope that they do. Until then I’ll work on my other projects (one at a time) and enjoy a cocktail or two. I have the DVR set for the fall line up of goodies I enjoy. 
And I’ll remind myself to breathe….