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My Word When Was The Last Time I posted a blog?

Hello Sexies!

I know, it’s been a while. Last blog post was September 2015? Crazy! Then again, it’s Mimi, crazy is as crazy does! I haven’t been idle. I haven’t been as productive as I had hoped either. I tore up (and by tore up, I mean, deleted this is the digital age…) my book four for the Mackenzie Dominants. I hated it. I went and got some advice on the direction then began anew. MAYBE I’ll get it finished this year!

I am not a fast writer!

Don’t get me wrong ideas are always on and poppin’ in this cranium. Yet balancing my responsibilities, my writing, my mental health, my physical health, my relationships, my Mimi time…one of these days, I’ll have that AHA! moment. I aint had it yet tho’… 😀

Now during this lull in my writing I’ve gotten a few other dreams realized. Hubby and I bought a mobile home. We got us an extended single wide in a stellar community in Norton Shores, Michigan. I absolutely love it. Our journey to home ownership wasn’t a quick nor easy one but we finally made it! We are loving the new digs, especially for our son. We can now get him out of the house more (perfect sized yard) and into the fresh air. My son is autistic and prefers solitary activities that don’t involve many social situations. It’s a thrill to see him go outside and explore his surroundings. He loves having a larger room, and his own bathroom! I think we all like having an extra bathroom! No more knocks on the door or setting the timer for the allotted shower times!

Of course there are all the things that come with home ownership versus renting like mowing your own yard. We had to buy a lawnmower! 😀 Of course the fun part is the yard wars. Man I have some neighbors that go beyond the Pink Flamingo thang! I’ve pitched my hat into the ring right along with them. I’ve started small, just a few hanging plants and solar lights, but I have plans… yeah you should be afraid!

So life is happening in between the stories. I am still role playing, collaborating with friends on some stories that we have in various online spots. When time permits Nikki Green and I add to the Gangstah Love Blog, and as always I keep outlining and plugging away on Mackenzie Dominants and my indie projects.

In short life is being kind to me. Until next time Sexies, enjoy your journey. Take time out to pursue your dreams, love your love ones while they are still with you, and don’t forget to love yourself.







What am I up to these days? {Letter 2 for the sexies}

Dear Sexies: pizap.com13941442474881
Mimi is hard at work. Maybe not everyday but most days. I’ve begun a new series that has me stoked. I’m at 10K plus which is a good clip for me. I’m delving into a genre I love and have always wanted to put my own urban spin on, paranormal romance. Should be interesting to see where this story takes me. I often times do a rough outline and by that I mean I come up with sassy book blurbs and hooks then build the story from there. I have planned tentatively four books (to start) for this series and I have three of the blurbs done. For whatever reason, sexy ones, when I have a good blurb I can weave my tail using the blurb as a prompt. It’s the same with seeing a picture or hearing a song, it jogs the creative flow and I can envision my mental movie sans dialogue which in turn becomes the words I pen for my story.  Go figure. I guess different writers have their own style in which they prepare. Mine is all over the damn place so meh…*grins*
And yes I am working on Book 3 of the Mackenzie Dominants series! Fingers crossed I can have both finished by the end of this year! 
Meanwhile, I’ve begun to plug away at the reading material I have on my Kindle. I’m making it a priority that I finished the books I have. And no that didn’t stop me from adding two more but I’m a glutton for punishment!
Also, I have added a new segment to my blog: Foodie Files. I love food. Love to smell it, cook it, EAT it…this is just a natural progression basically. But it gives me some fun things to do with my blog that can also be interactive. Food and music are those universal things that bring people together. So do drop by and check out the tab Coffee Talk with Meems and you’ll find the Foodie Files there in.
Until next letter, 

Belated Holiday Wishes and all that’s been going on (update on original post)

Hi there! Happy belated Hanukkah, Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa for all. Been a pretty rough month health wise but I am finally on the mend. I have no complaints really. The kiddies had a wonderful Christmas — we had stuffed cabbage rolls and banana pudding. We do tend to do very non traditional dinners sometimes for holidays just depends on how I’m feeling and what we’re in the mood for. Meh LOL.

I am super excited because Seductively Seduced is due to be released soon (you know how that goes things can get pushed back but still super exciting!!!)  Here is a preview of the book cover done by Harris Channing who dare I say it? Yes it’s Meems and I say what I want: SHE HOOKED A SISTAH UP!  mt-md-seductivelyseduced-full

So I am super thrilled about this. We have family coming in to visit us for the holidays and it’s just a blessed time for me and my family. So from my family to yours I hope your holidays were filled with joy and the new year brings you all you hope for and more!  ~ Mimi T

So what’s next?

I did it. I typed those two words that every writer does…eventually. The End. Another work in progress is finished. Of course I checked it off my ever growing list. I even told myself to breathe, take a few days to regroup yada, yada. It’s not gonna’ happen. Why? Because the brain pan is full of mischief. 
As it was I was working on two things at once, which I am going to try not to do again. No promises though. I think at times I have more than enough ideas but an idea for a story and writing the damn thang are two different animals in my zoo. They just are. *sighs* 
And yes I am still green enough, new enough and insecure enough to be on pins and needles as I await word from the publisher. I don’t have enough arrogance yet to be able to believe they’ll pick it up. It’s my hope that they do. Until then I’ll work on my other projects (one at a time) and enjoy a cocktail or two. I have the DVR set for the fall line up of goodies I enjoy. 
And I’ll remind myself to breathe….

Spring Fever Blog Tour: My interview with Author Tracee Ford

I was recently invited to participate in my very first blog tour by Author Tracee Ford {Thanks Tracee! } along with several other authors. You should drop by her blog: and check out those interviews! {and mine of course! ;)}

It is always a blessing to me when I meet  up with other writers who are seasoned vets on this journey of the imagination. I value their advice and words of wisdom. I also try to leave a well worn path from my own journey that hopefully will help others following along.

If each one reaches one, we’ll all make the journey! Happy Reading love bugs and as always thank you for your love and support!

~ Meems~

Sunshine Award

sunshine award pic

It’s always such fun to receive notification that I’ve won a blog award.

Author Sarah Lazowski presented me with the Sunshine Award last week, which is presented to those who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. Thank you so much Sarah!

Check her out at

As a recipient, I’ve been asked to tell you the following about me:

Favorite Color:  Purple

Favorite Animal:  Dogs

Favorite Number:  7

Favorite non-alcoholic Drink:  Sweet Tea/Pepsi

Facebook or twitter?  Both

Passion:  Reading, writing, cooking and arts and crafts

Giving or Getting a present:  Definitely giving!

Favorite Day:  Christmas Morning

Favorite Flowers:  Orchids

I’d like to take my turn and pass this award on to an aspiring writer who you will all want to be on the lookout for…she’s doing some great stuff!!

Beverly Price: