Rolling with the Punches

boxing-glovesThe hump day push through is here. After a rainy start to the week, literally and figuratively, I got myself up and at ’em. It’s been a rainy couple of weeks for my household. We lost a beloved pet to illness. During that heartbreaking time a long standing friendship came to an end. I was on an emotional roller coaster for a time.

Yet I was always told that in order to receive something new you have to let go of the old. Whether that is old habits, old ways of thinking, old draining relationships, whatever that old stuff is, it’s in the way. If your hands are full there is no room to pick up anything else anyways. So in the spirit of moving forward, I started mapping out my next course of action; key word鈥攁ction.

Stress can paralyze you into inactivity if it takes root. It will drain your energy and stifle your creativity. So I encourage you to get in some self time when you can. Even ten minutes alone in a quiet space can be rejuvenating. Life throws enough punches so learning how to roll with them, aka, cope with your stress, problems and dilemmas (in a POSITIVE WAY) can keep you moving forward towards your goals and dreams.

It’s even more crucial if you suffer from any anxiety disorders or mental illness. I can say that because I am manic depressive (Bi-polar) and still learning how to deal with my own triggers. So rolling with the punches is a daily walk for me! 馃檪

Above all, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, taking care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually will allow you to care for those around you. It doesn’t hurt to have a compassionate heart either. I had someone tell me that they were no longer going to commiserate with me. It would take compassion first and foremost to have the ability to commiserate with anyone, so when a person is lacking in compassion, they probably can’t feel what anyone鈥攐utside of themselves鈥攆eels or understands anyway. The human condition encompasses a myriad of misery all by itself and who wants to extol the virtues of past hurts, old wounds and sufferings of any sort?

Let me share a word of caution: Living among the weeds of past hurts, wrongs and misdeeds will choke out the bright future you have ahead of yourself. You can uproot yourself and move a million miles away but if the weeds are growing on the inside, you will still find yourself an overrun garden, stunted and not growing! You have to pluck the weeds out of your heart first鈥攋ust my thoughts for what it’s worth.

I’d like to think that encouraging another out of compassion would help not only the person who is down but also the person doing the encouraging. I say that to say when I find myself in a downward spiral what helps me is to help others. In whatever way I can; a kind word, a card, a prayer, listening to them when they need to vent. It’s not always the big things that make a person’s day. A hug is a miracle we can all share. So is a smile.

So if life is trying to go 12 rounds with you, try to roll with the punches. Heck bob and weave! Problems rarely remain and what was a mountain one day can be a mole hill the next. Life lessons are learned with each blow. Where you once stood still and absorbed the hit,s as you mature, you learn how to duck them, and get in a few good shots of your own! You learn how to develop some fancy footwork and keep moving. And when that bell rings, in the end, the technical merits will add up and life will have to declare you the winner!


Survey for the Sexies!

marketing_techniques_for_ecommerce_surveysHello Sexies:聽

A quick update: I’m excited to share that a new paperback, double edition, of both Curiously Curious and Seductively Seduced, entitled, Mackenzie Dominants is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Now speaking of book series, I’m ready to delve into a new one…but I need YOUR help! 聽Therefore,聽I’d like to invite聽you to take a really short survey. I’m conducting some research and your help is greatly appreciated. Your answers will definitely influence my next new book series!聽





Sad, Just Sad – Post I made on my Facebook Page

Commentary on this Sad state of affairs: There’s a lot more to this than just her refusal to show her ID. These are campus police. She’s an ASU professor. I’m pretty damn sure they’ve seen her around. When I worked on Campus at my college in the guidance office, I knew just about every security/campus police officer there, whether in passing or by name. All this for “Jaywalking.” Bitch Please.

The arrest of an Arizona State University professor is creating a lot of debate after she was thrown to the ground by a police officer during a situation that quickly…
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  • Mimi Tulane…/citiestowns…/qt/citycodes.htm聽This is just a partial list of City codes that are punishable by FINES or imprisonment here in Arizona. Jaywalking is on this list fines can top at 2500.00 dollars. However, when the intersection is impeded by construction, you can find a safe way to cross to avoid it. But not in Tempe. ASU Campus police apparently hasn’t reviewed the city CODE/ORDINANCE (not a broken law…) fully themselves. And I still fail to see how ONE WOMAN IN DRESS CLOTHES, was any threat toward TWO LARGE MALE OFFICERS. You know it’s against city codes to beg for money from drivers in their cars, happens all the damn time here! I have yet to see anyone slammed on the ground for it. And again I reiterate Bitch Please.

    Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and the other cities of greater Phoenix all have city codes. They are slightly different, but all the municipal codes in the Phoenix area have common prohibitions.
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  • Mimi TulaneAnd you can go here:聽For a list of Tempe’s City Codes, which ironically jaywalking isn’t on the list. In fact there isn’t anything on the site referring to breaking said “law” or what the fine/punishment聽is. In fact the ordinance isn’t available for anyone on the site to read to determine for themselves how NOT TO VIOLATE SAID CITY CODE. Hmmmm?????? But maybe it’s just me. *lips pursed*
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  • Mimi TulaneAnd just because I’m wondering: How is being on PAID administrative leave any type of censure? That’s called a VACATION! *rolls eyes* Interestingly enough Officer Ferrin has had complaints against him before… Need I say this again? Yes I think I will because this is topping my list of BITCH PLEASES today. *rolls eyes slowly*聽…/ASU-police-officer-on-paid…

    Arizona State University announced Wednesday that a campus police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave following the arrest of a professor.
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  • Mimi TulaneNow while all this debate is going on, I’d like to know where is the POSTED ORDINANCE SIGN REFERRING TO SAID ORDINANCE? There are signs for no left turns, no right turn on red, curfews, no smoking etc posted. But isn’t anything posted anywhere and I do聽a LOT of walking, that I have seen posted about jaywalking, such as this sign that is clearly posted someplace where they want to make it CLEAR you are violating a city ordinance!

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  • Mimi TulaneThis is a sad day sexies. Just sad…
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Don’t be a afraid to scrap it!

1857waste_paper_basketDear Sexies: 聽

The problem with telling anyone what you are working on is that when you are ME, and like to change your mind often or are your own worse critic, you are prone to starting over. In this particular case I have scrapped three potential works in progress because, well, I don’t like em! *blinks*聽

You heard it from Mimi first, I hated what I had already written. Oh and no, I wasn’t a thousand words into it or even ten at this stage, I’m talking close to thirty thousand hard fought words per EACH PROJECT that are now sitting in a file entitled: Meh maybe. 聽Round that to 90,000 words and I had a novel written already. Ah the joys of being Mimi…

I’m not a fast writer so you can equate this as lost man hours. Hours that are very hard to come by, let me toss that tidbit in there for yah. I’m a wife and mother, with one of my children a child that has special needs, so when I get the home front primed so I can sit down and do my thang鈥攖o scrap these works is somewhat heart rending.

However it’s not the end of the world. Just maybe the world I was trying to build but hey…

I figured if I don’t love the world I’m trying to write about, or cannot connect to the characters and breathe that breath of life into them that makes others care, then what’s the point?聽

Three attempts at one theme and getting no place very fast was enough wasted head space, effort and time. Now that those attempts are gone鈥擨 never really say gone鈥擨 usually recycle and dissect and reanimate characters (hmmm maybe I do need to write a zombie story) well now that I’ve set those attempts to the side, it’s left me with re-planning and rethinking what I want to convey within the theme I have in mind. Is it a series or is it a stand alone book? What type of setting and what can I do without? Do I even want to try this yet again?聽

To answer that last question, I have a few things to sort out and I am still determined *cue party horns and confetti* to keep working on my premise.

Mackenzie Dominants Three is looking very promising and the words are flowing in that regard so yay me, 聽goal one of two seems to be on track. 聽However it never fails that the minute I update you on my progress well you know what happens, I get stalled. 聽*lips pursed* Still it’s happening, so no shortage of ideas in that world! 馃槢 聽

Well this check in was just a chat and drop by for now. Sooner or later I’ll have some really good goods for you.聽

Until next letter,聽



Just…wow, can I please get off the merry-go-round?

merry-go-round-hiDear Sexies:

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so floundering. Ever just have brain overload? Yup that was the situation this chick found herself in. Just like this merry-go-round, I was going in circles. Re reading passages I’d written, changing them, erasing them, hitting back and undo more times than I cared to count. And got nowhere fast.

What is surprising is not the lack of ideas for the stories I want to write, but the lack of execution. Something happens between the images I see in my mind and the translation of said images into words. Took me two weeks to decide that the titles I laid out for a WIP series were all wrong. Now those titles belong to something else. It took me two weeks to sketch out a rough semblance of a scene for book three in my Mackenzie Dominants series. Only to decide, I don’t like it.

I am my own worse critic, and trust me when I say this if Mimi don’t like what she writes, you won’t either. Of course my round the bend experience puts me even further behind my self imposed deadline. I set these deadlines/goals to keep me focused and on track. Then I invariably get off track and so begins my merry-go-round experience(s). The process by which I come up with my work isn’t glamorous or cool. I doubt it will make for any entertaining anecdote to recount at a book convention either. If I can say anything remotely wise, I would have to say it’s by process that we grow, stretch and reach past our limits. We get beyond self and fear and say, “I got this.” And then we just go and do the damn thang.

I would much prefer to keep the angst on the pages of my books; and I use to love merry-go-rounds too. However I hopped off that bitch two days ago. Mimi don’t have time to ride the horsies. She has books that need to be finished!

Until next letter,

Simply Mimi

What am I up to these days? {Letter 2 for the sexies}

Dear Sexies:聽pizap.com13941442474881
Mimi is hard at work. Maybe not everyday but most days. I’ve begun a new series that has me stoked. I’m at 10K plus which is a good clip for me. I’m delving into a genre I love and have always wanted to put my own urban spin on, paranormal romance. Should be interesting to see where this story takes me. I often times do a rough outline and by that I mean I come up with sassy book blurbs and hooks then build the story from there. I have planned tentatively four books (to start) for this series and I have three of the blurbs done. For whatever reason, sexy ones, when I have a good blurb I can weave my tail using the blurb as a prompt. It’s the same with seeing a picture or hearing a song, it jogs the creative flow and I can envision my mental movie sans dialogue which in turn becomes the words I pen for my story. 聽Go figure. I guess different writers have their own style in which they prepare. Mine is all over the damn place so meh…*grins*
And yes I am working on Book 3 of the Mackenzie Dominants series! Fingers crossed I can have both finished by the end of this year!聽
Meanwhile, I’ve begun to plug away at the reading material I have on my Kindle. I’m making it a priority that I finished the books I have. And no that didn’t stop me from adding two more but I’m a glutton for punishment!
Also, I have added a new segment to my blog: Foodie Files. I love food. Love to smell it, cook it, EAT it…this is just a natural progression basically. But it gives me some fun things to do with my blog that can also be interactive. Food and music are those universal things that bring people together. So do drop by and check out the tab Coffee Talk with Meems and you’ll find the Foodie Files there in.
Until next letter,聽

Still Planning Still Dreaming: A letter to the Sexies


Dear Sexies:

It never gets old for me. Maybe because I’m still in dream mode. The second book in the Mackenzie Dominants series is out; my sister, bless her, made me the sexiest video trailer ever! I am one happy girl!

However it doesn’t stop. Maybe for a moment, to catch my breath, go to school functions and attend to all that comes with being a wife and mother. But the planning and dreaming is an ongoing process. Book three is rattling around in my head. Ideas for another series keep popping up. I am doing my best to sort them all. I let go of some of the worries I had during the first book only to pick up a few others during the writing of the second one. Hey I am a perpetual worry wort so there isn’t anything anyone can do about that except me!

I have plans to self pub another short story, which has its own share of mild headaches. All in all it’s a learning process. I submitted Seductively Seduced for reviews and as soon as I know something, the reviews will be posted. I’m hoping with all my might I have grown some. I can only get better with practice right? Granted, I could get worse but I ain’t claiming that! 馃槢

All in all the new year has brought me new possibilities, more hopes and dreams. My imagination is my only limitation in terms of the creative progress. Never fear, sexy ones I have a very vivid imagination! I never make resolutions with the new year because invariably I break them but I do have goals in mind for 2014. Those goals are keeping me focused. I’m not biting off more than I can handle. I’m not rushing or racing against a self imposed clock either. That’s part of the worry I let go of and I am determined to keep that worry at bay.

I’ve also decided that I’ll draft “letters” to you, the “sexies” that read my post. Whether you were invited by a link I shared, or just stumbled upon this blog and went hmmm…my post will be written with love to you. Without you who read, get curious, troll about and yes reply…I’d be just another person dreaming at home. Instead I draw inspiration, accountability and pure joy from you. It’s the best rush.

All in all, I wouldn’t take anything for my journey. Who knows where the road will take me next. Only time will tell that story. 聽Until next letter…