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About mimitulane

A Published author, wife and mother of three, grand diva of twp. My first published book is called Curiously Curious with Siren Publishing and was released March 6, 2013! The follow up in the series Seductively Seduced was released January 16, 2014 and my latest book, the third in the Mackenzie Dominants Series, Tempting Temptation releases January 12, 2015! You can follow me on goodreads: or if you'd be so kind as to like my page on Facebook: Thank you so much! *smooches* ~Mimi Tulane ~

Spring Fever Blog Tour: My interview with Author Tracee Ford

I was recently invited to participate in my very first blog tour by Author Tracee Ford {Thanks Tracee! } along with several other authors. You should drop by her blog: and check out those interviews! {and mine of course! ;)}

It is always a blessing to me when I meet  up with other writers who are seasoned vets on this journey of the imagination. I value their advice and words of wisdom. I also try to leave a well worn path from my own journey that hopefully will help others following along.

If each one reaches one, we’ll all make the journey! Happy Reading love bugs and as always thank you for your love and support!

~ Meems~

Sunshine Award

sunshine award pic

It’s always such fun to receive notification that I’ve won a blog award.

Author Sarah Lazowski presented me with the Sunshine Award last week, which is presented to those who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. Thank you so much Sarah!

Check her out at

As a recipient, I’ve been asked to tell you the following about me:

Favorite Color:  Purple

Favorite Animal:  Dogs

Favorite Number:  7

Favorite non-alcoholic Drink:  Sweet Tea/Pepsi

Facebook or twitter?  Both

Passion:  Reading, writing, cooking and arts and crafts

Giving or Getting a present:  Definitely giving!

Favorite Day:  Christmas Morning

Favorite Flowers:  Orchids

I’d like to take my turn and pass this award on to an aspiring writer who you will all want to be on the lookout for…she’s doing some great stuff!!

Beverly Price:


What’s on my mind

writer-at-workIt’s been a month since I posted to my blog. During this time I finished only one chapter of book two of my Family Dominant Series. I’m stuck in a cycle of rewriting and getting nowhere fast. A good friend suggest I just keep going forward, worry about any mistakes after. What’s funny about that is, it’s the most common sense approach there is yet it never occurred to me to do that. 

Maybe it’s because I tend to get consumed with what I have already written wanting to make sure it’s “perfect”. Which is silly. If it was perfect I probably wouldn’t need an editor! So that’s what I plan to do. Just keep going forward. It’s not that I don’t have the premise in mind or know what direction I wish to take. It’s just motivation. I’m an emotional writer. So if the muse is being funny with me or I have stress/issues, I don’t have the energy to make it out of bed, let alone write. 

Writing is my escape, when I am feeling it. When I am not feeling it, it becomes a mountain that needs climbing. However, mountains can be climbed just a step at a time. I put pressure on myself to perform by a self imposed standard. Probably shouldn’t do that, but there it is. 

At any rate I hope to be back at it tomorrow. Whatever comes out, I will attempt not to rewrite it to death and just keep going forward. Probably easier said than done but we will see. 

Learning to ignore distractions is an art form!

I’ve had a day. Less than four hours of sleep and what I like to call random hot mess abounding, has kept me in a tizzy all day. I think I managed to still accomplish a few things despite it all. I certainly managed to avoid “catching a case”! *glares then smiles* Some of my peeps can identify with me on that tip.

At any rate I learned a few more basic programming skills and did some additions to my blog. Who ever invented widgets bless you. Click and drag I can get with. I’m not too shabby with cut and paste html…so long as I don’t have to code it! *sassy neck roll* I can even “tweak” layouts with rookie adjustments to the style sheet.

It was actually rather therapeutic given the snit I was in a few hours earlier. I would have rather added more to my WIP but be that as it may, I managed to close off the b.s. and woosah out the stress. So for that I’m happy. I spent a few hours looking at some tutorials and teaching myself what I wanted to know. Self help instructional guides are a God send in my book. There is literally a wealth of information out there in one form or another: videos, blogs, instruction manuals etc.

Tapping into knowledge is sexy folks!

P.S And I happen to think Geeks are pretty hot hot too! *winks*

To go forward sometimes you have to roll it back.

Wow it’s always good to hear from friends you grew up with or haven’t talked to in ages. I had a blast from the past, just the other day and it did my heart good. We talked about everything and nothing. What’s going on in their life, what’s going on in mine. Since then I’ve been in a self reflecting mood. Not in a moody, sad bad way. More of a, you know I should just roll the clock back.

Not always easy to roll the clock back since theoretically no one has been able too. If it were scientifically possible, I could do a lot of things. Change a few mistakes, get in a few do overs. Since it is not, then I can only roll it back figuratively.

Why do I want to roll it back? With as many good things that have happened, growth, changes, development of my personal character and inner self there are still a few things I do not like about me. I find I’ve lost my optimism. Not all of it but enough to notice when negative things start to permeate my topics of conversation, complaining or belly aching. It’s good to vent because you don’t bottle up all that negative energy but dumping is never a good thing. No one else needs the negative spillage in their front yards either. So I’m rolling that bit back. I’ll go back to writing in my journal. Let the negative spill onto the pages and when I re read them, I can then find some solutions if there are any.

Personal appearance. I want to roll that back as well. I find I have some problem areas that are just not going away sort of a surgeon’s knife. And I’m not financially able to finance a new bod. So instead I’ll walk more, eat more fruit, drink more water and wear what flatters me vs. what everyone else is wearing. I was never one to follow trends and I miss that about myself. However at some point I began to try to “fit in”. Not just with clothing choices either. And neither one of those moves are sitting well with me.

So I’m rolling that back as well. If being me is not popular, I was never in the “in crowds” from the jump. So I’ll do me. I’m an eclectic ball of humorous hot mess and I like that just fine. I’m a bohemian chic that rocked combat boots with dresses and wore what felt good to my soul. I am just as estactic about a thrift store bargain as I am with a name brand. Besides with a Bedazzler anyone can have their name on an item of clothing; a stencil too.

Remembering the journey is as much a part of the walk as anything for me. I’m ready to roll back to a simpler me, a peaceful me and a loving me and let go of the worries and negative attitudes (both mine and other people’s) that has plagued me lately. Inner turmoil spills out and it’s a worse mess to clean up than an oil spill!  I’d rather shine from an inner glow than fester with self loathing. And lets not wake up what people pleasing has done to me all these years.

Until it sinks in that I can’t please everyone {and shouldn’t bother with trying too but I still do}, I’ll start with small doses; like excusing myself from the company of those that must continually seek misery. That is a roll back I’ll celebrate with gusto! Popularity is for Beauty Queens and Politicians and even they rely on the votes of others. What matter most to me is how I feel on a day to day basis inside. It’s crucial for my spiritual growth and mental health. Besides, having a facade is only as good as the stuff you made it with. I’ve witness a lot of unmasking and cracked facades taking place. I find you expend way to much energy putting on airs and keeping up appearances. I don’t think the “Jones'” are all that no how to try to keep up with em!

I’m rolling back to what you see is what you get! No pomp and circumstances required. Just more love, more laughter, more joy and an abundance of peace. To thine own self be true. Nothing is more beautiful than loving yourself and for me that starts with rolling it back!

~ ❤ ~

Humbly Humbled: Today a dream is officially recognized.

My book is out. Today is the official release day. I don’t think it has set in and probably won’t sink in, for a few more days to come. I have cried many, many tears out of frustration. I had moments of disbelief, that I’d ever get anything that I had written published. With each step I was reminded by that small still voice that I can do all things through Him. I am so humbly grateful for this blessing from God.

To know that my prayers were heard and promises He made were kept… is something that only one filled with longing for a dream, can truly grasp. I won’t rest on my laurels! There are yet many more stories to write, and plenty of room left for dreams yet to come.

With faith all things are possible! Your dreams can and will come true in due season! Hold on to your dreams!

This day, I am wonderfully and truly blessed.



Playing around with the blog…AGAIN!

In the vein of being totally random, today I purchased my domain name. I suppose nothing really has changed. If you type in the former blog address it will still point you here. I guess there is just something in seeing your name with dot com behind it! One of those shinny objects moment. Most of my friends can tell you I have those often…

I’m going to try to play around with the layout in the next few days. Make it fancy

Honestly I want something reflected in the layout that speaks to my quirky, bohemian self. And that will make visitors drop by. If only to say, “What the what is that girl doing?”. Yeah that’s Mimi for ya. Doing what she does best which is whatever strikes her fancy (there’s that word again). Maybe I’ll get up with a couple of my tech savvy friends and see how I can translate my ideas into a sexy, quirky and vivacious layout! Or do what I have been and just grab a freebie! 😛


~ Mimi ~

Ho Ho Ho Who Wouldn’t Go: Why I was insane to hit the stores on Christmas Eve

I must have fell and bump my head. On a good day in Phoenix the malls and various stores are crowded and full of wild cart driving, deranged shoppers. I had to go out tonight and try to do some last minute shopping. On top of using “the force” to navigate the blocked isles, I had to sort through the mounds of ransacked, left over items with the hopes of finding what I wanted. No such luck but did I mention I dream big?

All in all I survived the excursion then returned home in time to do the prep work on Christmas dinner. And I managed to get most of it done before having cocktails. Because anyone that knows me, understands nothing is getting done once my cocktail glass is in my hand.

Merry Christmas! ~ Mimi

Not so technical: Random post #1 How Mimi decided to set up a blog

I wish I was more tech savvy. In this day in age you need to have more technical know how. The click and drag, pre cut offerings of most websites make me lazy! I haven’t the slightest clue on what is the difference between html, css, rsvp….

I’ve swapped out back grounds, played around with fonts and basically have given myself a headache already while attempting to set up this blog! 
So what became my first post after I figured out the difference between a static front page and post page? This. And now that I see the back ground image I have chosen…I don’t like it. So that means it’s back to the drawing board. Again. Oh well.