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Commentary on this Sad state of affairs: There’s a lot more to this than just her refusal to show her ID. These are campus police. She’s an ASU professor. I’m pretty damn sure they’ve seen her around. When I worked on Campus at my college in the guidance office, I knew just about every security/campus police officer there, whether in passing or by name. All this for “Jaywalking.” Bitch Please.

The arrest of an Arizona State University professor is creating a lot of debate after she was thrown to the ground by a police officer during a situation that quickly…
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  • Mimi Tulane…/citiestowns…/qt/citycodes.htm This is just a partial list of City codes that are punishable by FINES or imprisonment here in Arizona. Jaywalking is on this list fines can top at 2500.00 dollars. However, when the intersection is impeded by construction, you can find a safe way to cross to avoid it. But not in Tempe. ASU Campus police apparently hasn’t reviewed the city CODE/ORDINANCE (not a broken law…) fully themselves. And I still fail to see how ONE WOMAN IN DRESS CLOTHES, was any threat toward TWO LARGE MALE OFFICERS. You know it’s against city codes to beg for money from drivers in their cars, happens all the damn time here! I have yet to see anyone slammed on the ground for it. And again I reiterate Bitch Please.

    Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and the other cities of greater Phoenix all have city codes. They are slightly different, but all the municipal codes in the Phoenix area have common prohibitions.
  • Mimi Tulane And you can go here: For a list of Tempe’s City Codes, which ironically jaywalking isn’t on the list. In fact there isn’t anything on the site referring to breaking said “law” or what the fine/punishment is. In fact the ordinance isn’t available for anyone on the site to read to determine for themselves how NOT TO VIOLATE SAID CITY CODE. Hmmmm?????? But maybe it’s just me. *lips pursed*
  • Mimi Tulane And just because I’m wondering: How is being on PAID administrative leave any type of censure? That’s called a VACATION! *rolls eyes* Interestingly enough Officer Ferrin has had complaints against him before… Need I say this again? Yes I think I will because this is topping my list of BITCH PLEASES today. *rolls eyes slowly*…/ASU-police-officer-on-paid…

    Arizona State University announced Wednesday that a campus police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave following the arrest of a professor.
  • Mimi Tulane Now while all this debate is going on, I’d like to know where is the POSTED ORDINANCE SIGN REFERRING TO SAID ORDINANCE? There are signs for no left turns, no right turn on red, curfews, no smoking etc posted. But isn’t anything posted anywhere and I do a LOT of walking, that I have seen posted about jaywalking, such as this sign that is clearly posted someplace where they want to make it CLEAR you are violating a city ordinance!

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  • Mimi Tulane This is a sad day sexies. Just sad…
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