So what’s next?

I did it. I typed those two words that every writer does…eventually. The End. Another work in progress is finished. Of course I checked it off my ever growing list. I even told myself to breathe, take a few days to regroup yada, yada. It’s not gonna’ happen. Why? Because the brain pan is full of mischief. 
As it was I was working on two things at once, which I am going to try not to do again. No promises though. I think at times I have more than enough ideas but an idea for a story and writing the damn thang are two different animals in my zoo. They just are. *sighs* 
And yes I am still green enough, new enough and insecure enough to be on pins and needles as I await word from the publisher. I don’t have enough arrogance yet to be able to believe they’ll pick it up. It’s my hope that they do. Until then I’ll work on my other projects (one at a time) and enjoy a cocktail or two. I have the DVR set for the fall line up of goodies I enjoy. 
And I’ll remind myself to breathe….