What’s on my mind

writer-at-workIt’s been a month since I posted to my blog. During this time I finished only one chapter of book two of my Family Dominant Series. I’m stuck in a cycle of rewriting and getting nowhere fast. A good friend suggest I just keep going forward, worry about any mistakes after. What’s funny about that is, it’s the most common sense approach there is yet it never occurred to me to do that. 

Maybe it’s because I tend to get consumed with what I have already written wanting to make sure it’s “perfect”. Which is silly. If it was perfect I probably wouldn’t need an editor! So that’s what I plan to do. Just keep going forward. It’s not that I don’t have the premise in mind or know what direction I wish to take. It’s just motivation. I’m an emotional writer. So if the muse is being funny with me or I have stress/issues, I don’t have the energy to make it out of bed, let alone write. 

Writing is my escape, when I am feeling it. When I am not feeling it, it becomes a mountain that needs climbing. However, mountains can be climbed just a step at a time. I put pressure on myself to perform by a self imposed standard. Probably shouldn’t do that, but there it is. 

At any rate I hope to be back at it tomorrow. Whatever comes out, I will attempt not to rewrite it to death and just keep going forward. Probably easier said than done but we will see.