Learning to ignore distractions is an art form!

I’ve had a day. Less than four hours of sleep and what I like to call random hot mess abounding, has kept me in a tizzy all day. I think I managed to still accomplish a few things despite it all. I certainly managed to avoid “catching a case”! *glares then smiles* Some of my peeps can identify with me on that tip.

At any rate I learned a few more basic programming skills and did some additions to my blog. Who ever invented widgets bless you. Click and drag I can get with. I’m not too shabby with cut and paste html…so long as I don’t have to code it! *sassy neck roll* I can even “tweak” layouts with rookie adjustments to the style sheet.

It was actually rather therapeutic given the snit I was in a few hours earlier. I would have rather added more to my WIP but be that as it may, I managed to close off the b.s. and woosah out the stress. So for that I’m happy. I spent a few hours looking at some tutorials and teaching myself what I wanted to know. Self help instructional guides are a God send in my book. There is literally a wealth of information out there in one form or another: videos, blogs, instruction manuals etc.

Tapping into knowledge is sexy folks!

P.S And I happen to think Geeks are pretty hot hot too! *winks*