Humbly Humbled: Today a dream is officially recognized.

My book is out. Today is the official release day. I don’t think it has set in and probably won’t sink in, for a few more days to come. I have cried many, many tears out of frustration. I had moments of disbelief, that I’d ever get anything that I had written published. With each step I was reminded by that small still voice that I can do all things through Him. I am so humbly grateful for this blessing from God.

To know that my prayers were heard and promises He made were kept… is something that only one filled with longing for a dream, can truly grasp. I won’t rest on my laurels! There are yet many more stories to write, and plenty of room left for dreams yet to come.

With faith all things are possible! Your dreams can and will come true in due season! Hold on to your dreams!

This day, I am wonderfully and truly blessed.