Monthly Archives: February 2013

Playing around with the blog…AGAIN!

In the vein of being totally random, today I purchased my domain name. I suppose nothing really has changed. If you type in the former blog address it will still point you here. I guess there is just something in seeing your name with dot com behind it! One of those shinny objects moment. Most of my friends can tell you I have those often…

I’m going to try to play around with the layout in the next few days. Make it fancy

Honestly I want something reflected in the layout that speaks to my quirky, bohemian self. And that will make visitors drop by. If only to say, “What the what is that girl doing?”. Yeah that’s Mimi for ya. Doing what she does best which is whatever strikes her fancy (there’s that word again). Maybe I’ll get up with a couple of my tech savvy friends and see how I can translate my ideas into a sexy, quirky and vivacious layout! Or do what I have been and just grab a freebie! 😛


~ Mimi ~