IMG_20131107_145312Hello and Welcome to my blog!

My name is Mimi Tulane. I am a published author, blogger and social network butterfly! I’m an avid reader, part time role player {if you’re into that sort of thing} and dreamer of dreams. I love to write! My writing is the greatest escape from the tedium of life’s woes. It’s the means for me to translate what is in my imagination and dreams into words to be shared.  For me when I create a world I actually live in it as I write. Yes I get really attached to my characters! 

As for me, I have a quirky personality.  I’m sassy, witty, fun-loving, silly and a lover of most people in general! I am also a hopeless romantic and I love, love, love to fall in love with the characters I read about (and create). 

What do I write? My current genre is African- American erotic romance and mainstream romance but I’d love to pen a sexy story with paranormal elements one day! Who knows?

What do I like to read?  My favorite genres are romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, erotica, contemporary fiction, some mysteries and DIY stuff and cookbooks! Yes I have eclectic taste! Variety adds all kinds of spices to an otherwise mundane life…so I try to sample as much variety as legally allowable!

 Drop by and visit often and say hello if you get the urge, I love to chat when time permits and of course comments makes my toes curl almost as much as a good read.

Oh if you happen to have some favorite books/authors and want to share please do so! I read just as much as I write and good books are like good friends, love having them around! 

Hope you enjoy the blog!